Make up 5 mini dialogues like those given below.


· How many exams did you take last term?

· Four.

· Did you pass all of them? Certainly, but I didn't do very well. Unfortunately I got a "sat" in Physics.

· How about you? I did poorly this term. Passed three exams and failed math.


· Morning, Fred! What are you doing here, in Oxford?

· I've been here since Tuesday came to take an entrance examinations.

· At which college?

· At Queens.

· How did you pass your exams?

· I don't know yet. We shan't hear until next week.

· I hope, you'll be enrolled.

· Thank you.


· I wish I knew how Make up 5 mini dialogues like those given below. to learn to speak English.

· I think you'd better ask the professor. He knows.

· I know he does. I only wish he could be my teacher.

6. Read aloud and learn by heart the following dialogue.

What does it mean?

ALAN (first-year student): Mr. Jones, I would like to clear up a few questions. Will you, please, explain some abbreviations in the time - table?

Mr. JONES (tutor): With pleasure.

AL: What does LAB mean?

Mr. J.: It means laboratory class. The students may work with machines, or they may do experiments and write reports about them there.

AL Make up 5 mini dialogues like those given below.: What about LEG?

Mr. J.: That stands for Lecture class. A professor gives lectures and the students take notes.

AL.: The last abbreviation is SEM.

Mr. J.: It stands for seminar. The professor and the class, usually senior or graduate students, discuss problems connected with a specific subject. The students frequently prepare reports and read them to the class.

AL.: Do all University courses have examinations?

Mr. J.: No, but almost all of them do and there are usually two of them. The one given in the middle of a course is called a MIDTERM EXAM. The other Make up 5 mini dialogues like those given below. one is given at the end of the course and is called the FINAL EXAM.

AL.: Are there any other besides these?

Mr. J.: Well, some teachers also give short exams, but these are called TESTS or QUIZZES.

AL.: What does a student's final grade depend on?

Mr. J.: It depends on everything: on the examinations, quizzes, written assignments and often on attendance.

AL.: Now I understand it. Thank you very much.

Mr. J.: You are always welcome, if you don't understand something.

7. Learn the English-Ukrainian in group and pair work: What college (university) do Make up 5 mini dialogues like those given below. you study? What year student are you? I am fresher ( freshman) He is a junior (senior student) I’m attending preparatory courses. He is a postgraduate. What faculty do you study at? I’m majoring in… What subjects do you take? What is your favorite subject? Are you good at math (English)? She never misses classes. Prof. Brown gave (delivered ) an interesting lecture on … The students listened to the lecture with great interest. How many exams do you have this term? I passed all my exams. I failed in History. She is very gifted. He learns with ease. Nobody can math Make up 5 mini dialogues like those given below. him in Physics. He is a clever and hardworking student. He is at the top of the group. It takes him an hour to do his home exercises. What have you graduated from? It’s high time to learn the rule. He took his degree last year. Conversational Phrases and use them В якому коледжі (університеті) ви навчаетесь? На якому курсі ви навчаєтесь? Я вчусь на 1 курсі. Він студент молодшого (старшого) курсу Я вчуся на підготовчих курсах Він аспірант На якому факультеті ви навчаєтесь Я спеціалізуюся з… Які предмети ви вивчаєте? Який ваш улюблений предмет? Ви добре знаєте матиматику Make up 5 mini dialogues like those given below. (англійську) мову Вона ніколи не пропускає занять . Проф Браун прочитав цікаву лекцію з Студенти слухали лекцію з великим зацікавленням. Скільки у вас екзаменів у цьому семестрі? Я вже склав усі екзамени. Я провалив іспит з історіїю Вона дуже здібна. Йому легко даеться навчення. Ніхто не може зрівнятися х ним у фізиці. Він розумний і працьовитий студент. Він найкращий в групі. Йому потрібно годину (часу), щоб виконати домашні завдання. Який навчальний заклад ві закінчили? Вже давно час вивчити це правило. Він отримав учений ступінь минулого року

8. Using the above conversational phrases and English-Ukrainian glossary discuss the following topics Make up 5 mini dialogues like those given below.:

a) The History of your University;

b) Academic Facilities of your University

c) Research Schools and Research Work at the University;

d) Extra-curricular Activities (Sport, Social and cultural Events

9. Begin your questions with phrases like:

· Could you tell me...?

· Do you know … ?

· Is it true that … ?

· Is it really true…?

· I'd like to know if…

· Could you explain … ?

· What is your opinion about…?

· Do you agree … ?

· Do you agree … ?

· I wonder if you take part in…

Документ Make up 5 mini dialogues like those given below.